The shred mentor

online training program


My program is designed to be a flexible cost effective way for you to reach your fitness and shred goals. This program will allow me to share my knowledge and help you train for your sport while keeping things more convenient for you. Through my platform I will be there to encourage, support and push you to the next level.


shred mentor program

  • Customized workout program

  • 4-5 workouts every week

  • new workouts every month

  • sport specific warm up videos

  • sport specific cool down videos

  • Performance tracking tools

The Shred mentor pro

  • Live video consultation

  • live video ASSESSMENT

  • custom built training program

  • On top of that im going to give you…

  • weekly phone or video check ins

  • Performance tracking tools

  • to further ensure your success this program offers…

  • access to live video training

  • access to live video mentorship

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